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Data Sharing and Tracing Solutions for the Public Sector
“In my opinion there is no company in the field that can match the LoCTa service”
Neil Egan Debt Enforcement Manager. City and County of Cardiff.

Bespoke Development

MAG:NET Solutions specialise in providing bespoke software solutions.

Our bespoke software solutions are written by Microsoft Certified professionals and encompass websites, content management systems, desktop applications and services, Touch-screen ordering systems, PDA or DTv solutions and much more.

Our customer requirements normally fall in to one of two defined areas. Firstly, creation of a new system/solution to solve new specific business problems or requirements and secondly being the replacement of a manual process (either by human or paper systems) with an automated solution which may integrate with existing systems.

Our experiences with clients over the years has driven us to continually improve our internal systems which facilitate Project Management and customer interaction, thus when you become a customer you are furnished with project plans, time estimations, staged release and testing plans and access to a dedicated support desk.

We make use of "agile" methodology to plan and execute our development projects which, we've found through experience provides the client with a more rounded solution driven by client interaction and input instead of programmatic requirements.

For full pricing details please contact a member of the Sales team on 0161 696 3690 or