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Data Sharing and Tracing Solutions for the Public Sector
“In my opinion there is no company in the field that can match the LoCTa service”
Neil Egan Debt Enforcement Manager. City and County of Cardiff.

What is LoCTA Search?

LoCTA Search is an integrated cost effective tracing solution which improves efficiency, performance and cash flow in a wide variety of areas of tracing and recovery.

By working in partnership with Local Authorities and using innovative data sharing technology, LoCTA Search features powerful search capabilities, which by using a sub-set of subscribing Authorities Revenues and Benefits databases, provides up to date information on both individuals and businesses.

In order for LoCTA Search to be the Tracing Tool used by Local Authorities we have incorporated external data sources such as the National Telephone Directory, UK Voters Roll, Deceased Database and Credit Reports, to provide the end user with a wealth of information at their fingertips, in one easy to use interface.

LoCTA Search is a highly efficient and easy to use tracing tool which features:

  • National Benefits Search
  • National Council Tax Search
  • National Business Rates Search
  • National Voters Roll Search
  • National Deceased Search
  • National Telephone Directory Search
  • National PAF Search
  • Credit Reports

LoCTA Search is operational over the Public Services Network (PSN) ensuring that access is only made available to subscribing Local Authorities - securely.