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Data Sharing and Tracing Solutions for the Public Sector
“In my opinion there is no company in the field that can match the LoCTa service”
Neil Egan Debt Enforcement Manager. City and County of Cardiff.

Equifax Credit Reports

LoCTA Search has a direct link with Equifax, one of the UK’s leading credit reference agencies.

Equifax's PSG service is a powerful information system designed specifically for the Public Sector and offers live access to Credit data.

Together with the Local Authority Revenues and Benefits data within LoCTA Search this provides an all in one package that offers additional data sources to help improve tracing and verification of debtors.

Access is available to 4 levels of Reports ranging from simple address verification to high level financial and background reporting. Reports can be requested under Section 29 or 35 of the Data Protection Act.

This link to Equifax can be used to retrieve detailed financial information in order to determine whether an individual is working, has the ability to pay a debt or has active credit/bank accounts at the address, thus increasing tracing and recovery success.

This working partnership with Equifax to provide Credit Reports has been created in order to make LoCTA Search the Tracing Tool used by Local Authorities, by enabling access to a range of data sources within one easy to use system.