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Data Sharing and Tracing Solutions for the Public Sector
“LoCTa is brilliant, it provides is with good hits and we have found it to be very successful”
Mike Brooks Senior Systems Control Officer. Gravesham Borough Council.

Customer Testimonials

‘Wrexham County Borough Council has successfully used LoCTA for a 12 month period. The installation was fast and straightforward and the system is easy to use. During the first 3 months of using LoCTA the Council located 31 debtors elsewhere. This has enabled the Council to take further steps to recover approx £15,000 of Council Tax debt. Although the number of successful searches have slowed down, my team are still having success in using LoCTA on a daily basis. It is also reassuring that LoCTA representatives make regular contact to see how we are getting on using the system and keep us updated with any changes. The Council are also looking forward to the LoCTA and Equifax collaboration which, it is anticipated will bring further success in locating debtors.’

- Sam Allibone, Revenues Monitoring Officer, Wrexham County Borough Council

‘LoCTA is brilliant, it provides us with good hits and we have found it to be very successful. The cost of the software has more than been recouped.’

- Mike Brooks, Senior Systems Control Officer, Gravesham Borough Council

‘We are now fully signed-up to all elements of the LoCTA software. We have already started to conduct successful council tax searches and we plan to train all members of the Unit and open up access to the full suite of Benefits, Council Tax and Business Rates searches in coming weeks. LoCTA is proving easy to use and the online help and customer support is excellent. The take-up within Hertfordshire and our near neighbours on the outer London fringe is extensive. Since statistics suggest that, when they move, many people stay within a catchment area of around fifty miles or so, we are hoping that such a high-level of LoCTA coverage amongst the Local Authorities of the south east will help to improve our tracing capability dramatically.’

- Steve Smith, Revenues Manager, Hertsmere Borough Council

‘We are very happy with the service that MAG:NET Solutions provide and we would be happy to recommend LoCTA to other Authorities.’

- Suzanne Cressall, Revenues Manager, Dartford Borough Council

We find LoCTA absolutely brilliant! Between Revenues and Benefits we get approximately 100 hits a month. We use it on a daily basis and get a lot out of it.’

- Andy New, Fraud Manager, Horsham District Council