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Data Sharing and Tracing Solutions for the Public Sector

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Teleappending Service


  • Get up-to-date telephone numbers for your customers
  • Match against the BT OSIS database - source of the telephone directory
  • Over 27 million records and around 50,000 changes, 6 days a week

Accurate and up-to-date telephone numbers in your customer database help you communicate with your customers faster and more effectively, helping you perform telemarketing campaigns to sell your products and services.

For those customers that are ex-directory, we can also supply a flag to indicate that an active telephone line is available for the customer, but we are unable supply the telephone number itself.

        Key Benefits

  • Identify all the telephone numbers registered to your customers and provide up to 3 numbers for those individuals registered to multiple lines
  • Define which of your customers are ex-directory and flag them as such, so that although their telephone number is unavailable, you can still be confident they reside at that address

For full details please contact a member of the Sales team on 0161 212 1180 or