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Data Sharing and Tracing Solutions for the Public Sector

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About Us


MAG:NET Solutions has a decade of working in partnership with Local Authorities and Central Government and is dedicated to protecting the Public Purse by assisting Local Authorities and Central Government to trace, prevent and reduce Fraud.

Our aim is to provide Local and Central Government with easy to use, cost effective solutions that provide true benefits in this 'joined up' e-government world.

MAG:NET Solutions was established with the specific aim of providing services that facilitate effective, secure interconnection and co-operation between Government, starting with Local Authorities.  Security is paramount within the Public Sector and for that reason all of our products and services are delivered over the GCSX Government network.

Data Sharing is very high on the UK Government's agenda and LoCTA Search has been specifically designed to operate in that environment.

LoCTA Search, was first released in 2001 and is unique as it brings together subscribing Authorities’ Revenue and Benefits databases.  Operating over the GCSX network LoCTA Search is an integrated, cost effective and secure tracing solution for Local and Central Government which improves efficiency, performance and cash flow in a wide variety of areas of tracing and recovery.


In 2010/11 a brand new product, based on the success of LoCTA Search and the LoCTA Services began to be developed - LoCTA Prevent, which will provide Local Authorities with an effective and valuable tool for proactively helping prevent Fraud and Error entering through the gateway to Benefits.


MAG:NET Solutions is based in Salford and covers the whole of the UK from this location.


Some of our accreditations are listed below: