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Data Sharing and Tracing Solutions for the Public Sector

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LoCTA Search Brochure
 What is LoCTA Search?
 Benefits Search
 Council Tax Search
 Business Rates Search
 The DWP Link
 Telephone Directory Search
 Deceased Search
 PAF Search
 Consumer Credit Reports
 Commercial Credit Reports
 LoCTA Verify Reports
 Advanced Batch Reports
 LoCTA Testimonials
Data Protection & ICO Documents
 Q & A - LoCTA and the Data Protection Act
 Precis of South Derbyshire Opinion
 Letter to request full Counsel's opinion
 Independent View on ICO New Guidance Jan 2008
 ICO support of LoCTA's Council Tax Module (New)
LoCTA Services Brochure
  Tenancy Verification
  SPD Review
  Empty & Unregistered Property
  LoCTA Tenancy Fraud Review Process